Website Designing Services


Web Design Services

Charu Infotech is executing all types of web-related projects based on customer requirements.

  • A team of experts from design & development division is engaged in providing full-fledged support for product improvement.
  • Having emerged as an advertising agency of standing, we have put up highly skilled and talented staff in our web division. Our ingenious team works in unity and looks forward to be recognized as one of the top web design & development companies in Mumbai.


We understand and define the nature and scope of the website before a single line of code is written. From the very first phone call, our team focuses on accurately understanding the requirements of the website project. We take time to understand the specific business requirements, goals, objectives, budgetary constraints and timeframe to ensure that we are in sync with the business goals and objectives. We suggest the appropriate program for coding and define how the system will interact with viewer/browser. Once the project is clearly defined and the estimation of the work flow is approved we proceed with the implementation.



With information in hand our team designs the most appropriate solution. Firstly we design a structure for the website and after the approval of the website we move on with the core designing. During this process the look and functionality of the website, a user interface, formal specifications and other easy-to-interpret documents are created for the client's approval. At this stage we define how the data flows in the objects using the website structure, show entities and their data relationships with links (menu), break up the work into smaller units in work breakdown and create a website project plan.



Once we have completed defining and designing the new system, we develop the required programme (HTML/asp/php/JavaScript). During this phase the actual programming or "code" for the new website is created. Utilizing the latest development tools and techniques, a professional and well-documented computer code is produced and tested. Development is a highly interactive process which allows you ample opportunity to evaluate and offer feedback on your new website.



Once the website programme has been completed, our team will deploy it to the remote server. Using FTP technology, we can host and configure your website online. You can then start online Testing (OT) to identify any minor issues we may need to resolve.